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Since 2002, Vallue remains a unique provider that focuses on XML training and consulting for the insurance industry with a specialization in ACORD standards

With a client list of well over 100 companies that covers most major insurance carriers, vendors and associations in North America, Vallue is well positioned to aid your company in any XML related effort.


Equally fervent about the karaoke arts, roller disco, and handstands,
 Tana Sabatino is recognized in the industry as the leading authority on ACORD standards and insurance XML.  

Tana formerly headed up ACORD’s standards efforts and was instrumental in much of the success ACORD has had in meeting the challenges of a continuously changing industry. In 2002, she shifted her focus from standards management to implementation support and never looked back. She has been involved in the majority of ACORD based efforts across the industry, having trained thousands of people and mapped hundreds of systems.

Within the ranks of the insurance industry, Tana is best known for her remarkable knowledge of standards related trivia, her refusal to discuss business during mealtime, and her ability to skate through a conference hall while carrying a microphone.

The exceptional perspective provided by this knowledgeable resource will prove both entertaining and indispensable for anyone implementing XML in the insurance industry.